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two wome chatting over coffee to illustrate the bristol menopause cafe

'A Moment of Me Time' 

Get together with a group of friends, for a morning or afternoon of time out and relaxation. We can build a custom event, including an informative discussion on health, we will make some delicious food, do some gentle exercise adn wrap up with a blissful relaxation session ...


All designed to leave you feeling refreshed, re-energised and ready to sail through the day and week ahead. 


Want to know more? 


Give Lauren a call on 07799 402294

Women of a Certain Stage

Menopause Socials

As women we are great at looking after everything and everyone else, and often neglect ourselves. 


Do you yearn for some time out, to release the stresses of the week, clear the brain clutter and increase your energy?

Join Women of a Certain Stage for our Menopause Socials or book a Moment of Me Time event (See below), for yourself and a group of friends. .


Keep your eyes out on the Menopause Social Facebook Page to see where the next one is happening or get in touch if you would like to arrange one in your neighbourhood or workplace.

Any questions?

Call Lauren on +44 7799 402294

or email

Feedback from Lauren's A Moment of Me Time events:

'At last! A chance for me to feel like my old self again. Already re-booked for next months session!'


"I didn't realise how much I needed A Moment of Me Time until I was driving there. All of a sudden I could feel the weight of everyday life and the incessant cold I'd been failing to shift. The session was warm and lovely. It felt like it nourished a really deep part of me and I have brought that back into my daily life"

"...a friendly, welcoming and non-judgemental session which really motivates you to take care of yourself, and your family, properly"

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