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About Lauren

Normalising menopause at work to increase attraction and retention of top talent, support gender equality and improve attendance, performance and productivity.

As the founder and CEO of Women of a Certain Stage, my team of associates and I, educate large employers on menstruation and menopause and implement systems to retain and ensure top talent flourish.

Over the past 18 months, we have established a public curriculum of Menopause Champion, Menopause Coach and a monthly series of informative, interactive webinars to sit alongside our bespoke, inhouse training.

My message and work with mindset and health, has woven throughout my career and spans celebrity circles to the executive suite.

With my health and lifestyle businesses to date, I have impacted 1000's of people across the globe through my TV and radio appearances, talks, courses and private sessions.

I feel passionately about making sure employers are kept up to date with the latest options to fully support their people through menopause. I provide current information and tools and techniques to stay well and symptom-free.

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Working with Women of Certain Stage

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I am all about transformation.


Originally implementing operational systems in corporate organisations to increase productivity and efficiency, then transforming people’s bodies physically as a personal trainer & sports therapist. Laterally, complex technical, regulatory and business change programmes in financial institutions delivering to time, cost, quality and risk targets. 

Today, I am a no-nonsense speaker, trainer and health and business coach who takes delight from helping people achieve their desires, goals and dreams while helping businesses maintain the bottom line by retaining their top talent. 

As a keynote, I deliver passion, insight, motivation, compassion and direct experience. My own menopause in the corporate environment, led me to completely reinvent my approach to my own and others' success.

If you welcome discreet support to bolster your self-esteem and self-confidence and avoid the sheer mental anguish that coincided with my menopause, then we are the perfect match!

All Coaching & Training is designed with the latest research, tools and techniques to successfully manage menopause. To discuss approaches to education and support for your teams, please contact Lauren for an initial chat.


  • Women in Law Summit - London Olympia, UK

  • Health Coach Institute - Texas, USA

  • Sexual Health & Menopause Study Day - Wales, UK

  • Women in Banking & Finance - London, UK

  • LIVE - Tuscon, Arizona, USA

  • WisePause, Atlanta, Georgia, USA 

  • Women In Business, Llandudno, N Wales, UK

  • Health & Wellbeing at Work, Birmingham, NEC

  • WinTrade Global, Virtual 




My Story

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I was a senior exec in financial services leading global transformation programs and projects. I was the go to leader for upcoming women in our business and then I hit a period of about 18 months where I noticed that my recall and retention wasn't as sharp as it used to be.

There were a number of meetings where I noticed my focus and confidence had changed. After a period of time, although my team was still delivering well, I had huge self doubt.  My self confidence was on the floor. To avoid being seen as weak or vulnerable, I left my job.

I believed that I had early onset dementia. It was later, after three trips to my doctor, that he told me I'd just been through an early menopause. I was absolutely flabbergasted, relieved and the happiest menopausal woman in Bristol!


In that moment I knew I never wanted any other employer to lose valuable talented people, because of a lack of knowledge and understanding of menopause. I also don't want anyone to lose their self belief or think that they can't carry on just because they don't know how to get the right help and support.

And so I began bringing people together, I researched and learned everything I could about menopause, soon after, Women of a Certain Stage was born!

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