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Coaching & Mentoring

I support ambitious, successful women to maintain their focus, calm and confidence throughout their menopausal journey, through bespoke plans to master their emotional, physical and psychological health.

If you are seeking support through menopause or guidance through other life-changing experiences, my associates and I are fully qualified with comprehensive expertise in a variety of different areas to boost you on your journey.

Women must have access to the right support.


I provide current information and the latest tools and techniques to boost your vitality, influence and personal power.

Book a call to discover what level of support is right for you, from my FREE Three Day Menopause The Basics Course, 28 Days of Selfless Self Care, the Women in Leadership Mastermind or confidential, private coaching.

To ask about tailored programmes for your organisation,  send me a message on lauren@womenofacertainstage.com

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“Lauren was extremely powerful and effective for getting across this important message”