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Coaching & Mentoring

I lead female executives to maintain their focus, calm, and confidence throughout their peri & menopause through smart conversations and exercises working with their mindset and health.

Whether you’re in need of support through menopause or guidance through other life-changing experiences, I am fully qualified with comprehensive expertise in a variety of different areas to manage your health needs.

I feel passionately about making sure women are fully supported. I provide current information and the latest neuropsychological tools and techniques to stay well and symptom-free.

Book a call to discover what level of support is right for you, from my FREE Three Day Menopause The Basics Course, to a whole year's worth of coaching, mentoring, retreats and more.

To ask about tailored programmes for your organisation,  send me a message on lauren@womenofacertainstage.com

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“Lauren was extremely powerful and effective for getting across this important message”