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I lead female executives to maintain their focus, calm, and confidence throughout their peri & menopause through smart conversations and exercises working with their mindset and health.

Whether you’re in need of support through menopause or guidance through other life-changing experiences, I am fully qualified with comprehensive expertise in a variety of different areas to manage your health needs.

I feel passionately about making sure women are fully supported. I provide current information and the latest neuropsychological tools and techniques to stay well and symptom-free.

Book a call to discover what level of support is right for you, from my FREE 5-day menopause mastery challenge to a whole year's worth of coaching, mentoring, retreats and more.

My FREE 7 day challenge and signature Women in Leadership Mastermind are available publicly on the dates listed below. 


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FREE 5 Day



Menopause: The Basics

The 5-day Challenge Menopause: The Basics reveals how to use my proven strategy to understand menopause & introduces how to master your symptoms

***  2021 ***

15 February - booking NOW

12 April

07 June

02 August

27 September

22 November

*** 2022 **

​10 January

This is the ideal introduction to learning about menopause and how to start to use my signature system for managing symptoms.

Women in  Leadership MASTERMIND

12 months to a vibrant, happy, healthy YOU!

My signature system. 

This is my 12 month signature Women in Leadership Mastermind, the perfect blend of personal and professional development. 

This includes a true mastermind component, where you get cross industry support to brainstorm your ideas and challenges; professional development focussing on building your personal power and influence and taking your communication skills to the next level.


Often overlooked by our upbringing or general awareness, we cover the key facts on menopause and how to manage your symptoms. I run a 12 month programme to boost your vitality and presence at home work & beyond. 

You will enhance your physical, emotional and psychological resilience. 

Participants have access to a range of practitioners specialising in mid life, women's health and menopause including a medical doctor; Legal Team (employer / employee); Confidence, Career & CV Coach: Fitness Trainers: Hypnotherapist specialising in stress & anxiety and myself as your lead executive coach and mentor, nutritional advisor and DISC ™ trainer.

Groups typically range from 6 - 8 professional women, from different industries.


Powerful allegiances are formed and huge transformations made. 

Programme Start Dates: 

*** 2021***

25 January - enrolling NOW

08 March

03 May

13 September

25 October

*** 2022 ***

17 January

Get Your Sparkle Back​

  • VIP days

  • Mini Retreats 

  • Personalised

  • 1:1 Coaching

  • 1:1 Mentoring

Let's chat and find out a bit more about each other. ​

  • What would you most like help & support with? 

  • Do you feel the chemistry is right when we chat?

  • How do you like to work with your coach?  

I have limited availability for VIP days and 1:1 coaching this year, so let's arrange a chat and discover if we both feel we are a good fit to work together. 


If for any reason our diaries do not align or the fit is not quite right, I have highly skilled associates who I recommend.

Investment starts at £5,500. I'd love to learn more about you, so please click the button to book a confidential call with me.

“Lauren was extremely powerful and effective for getting across this important message”

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