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Corporate Training

Menopause impact women, transgender men, non-binary and gender questioning colleagues. Much of the research has been focussed on women, hence the statistics quoted below. 

Everyone needs to know about menopause.

We will all live, work or socialise with someone going through it.


Understanding what it is, how to talk about it and being able to access or signpost effective help and support, means that we can end the unnecessary suffering in silence and stop people from leaving work and continue to flourish.

Did you know?

14 million workdays are lost to the UK economy due to women taking time off to manage menopausal symptoms.

Women over 50 are the fastest growing group of employees; with significant skills, knowledge and experience, they are a valuable business asset.

Between the ages of 40 and 55, 80% of women can experience multiple physical and psychological symptoms of menopause; one in four suffers so severely, she needs significant support to maintain normal performance at work.

Many employers notice flagging productivity, higher absence levels and low morale or motivation.

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UK Facts


  • 13.5 million menopausal women

  • 75 - 80% are in employment

  • 1. 25 million employers


Women of a Certain Stage


We leverage an associate model to provide menopause training and support packages, to help people experiencing symptoms, their line managers and the business to navigate the transition successfully and empathically.

Ask about

  • Keynote Talks

  • General Awareness

  • Line Manager Training

  • Upskilling HR | Occupational Health | Wellbeing | MHFA

  • Become a Menopause Champion certificate

  • Become a Menopause Coach diploma

  • Train the Trainer

  • Policies & Guidance

  • Menopause Toolkits

  • Menopause Activity Packs

  • eLearning modules & podcasts


Working with Women of Certain Stage

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Regular media exposure enables Women of a Certain Stage, and their clients and collaborators to raise menopause awareness, highlighting how improving the provision of care for women will drive material business benefits and transform staff experience.


  • Expert-led workplace education, training, policy and guidance

  • Executive health coaching and mentoring to support women to retain their personal power and influence through menopause

  • Keynote speaker

Women of a Certain Stage teaches clients to implement effective and simple solutions to increase attraction, retention and performance and improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

All corporate training is designed by menopause at work expert, Lauren Chiren in collaboration with her global team of associates.

Lauren is a member of The International Menopause Society, Royal College of Medicine and actively involved in the latest research on all things pertaining to menopause.


To discuss approaches to education and support for your teams, please contact Lauren for an initial chat.

Public courses

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“I found Lauren's knowledge insightful and she was able to make the topic 'real' for us all.” 



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