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Supporting Women Through Menopause in the Workplace

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It is no secret that women over 50 are the fastest economically active group in the UK.

As companies commit to gender equity and strive to create workplace cultures that are supportive of all genders, it is vital for HRD's, Wellbeing Consultants and D&I leaders to recognise a key life stage in people’s working lives - menopause.

All too often, people experience menopause when they have already achieved their most senior roles, and supporting them through this transition is an essential part of creating a more equitable workplace.

Becoming a 'Menopause-Savvy' Employer

There are many ways that employers can become ‘menopause-savvy’ so that they can better support their employees as they navigate menopause.

The first step is raising awareness and normalising the conversation on menopause at work by providing education on what it means to experience menopause, as well as recognising the unique challenges faced by those who go through it.

This is important regardless of the ages or genders of those at work. Menopause can crop up at any time, and assuming it is just something for the older female staff is missing part of the aim of becoming menopause savvy!

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Raising awareness could be done through hosting open conversations or offering educational seminars and workshops on topics such as “Menopause & Me” or “Opening the Conversation”.

Once these conversations are started, employers should look into providing effective accessible solutions for people experiencing symptoms such as sleep disturbances, anxiety or mood swings. This could include things like flexible working arrangements or access to practical resources such as cooling fans and flexible working. Sharing this post with your managers is a great way to ensure practical ideas make their way into the workplace.

Menopause Support in the Workplace

At Women Of A Certain Stage we provide training and courses to help employers become ‘menopause-savvy’ so that they can better understand how best to support their staff members during this life stage transition.

Our FREE Menopause The Basics course provides an introduction to the subject matter including definitions of key terms, common symptoms experienced by women during menopause, strategies for managing these symptoms both personally and professionally; while our Become a Menopause Champion course covers how individuals can become more aware of the implications of menopausal transitions on employees health and wellbeing within an organisational context, and provide effective listening and signposting.

Menopausal transitions can be a difficult chapter for many individuals, and through our Become a Menopause Coach certification you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to provide professional support both within organisations as well as privately. Delve further into this unique area of coaching and make an impact in people's lives. No prior knowledge is required.

Creating a supportive work environment for people going through menopausal transitions should be seen not only as an ethical imperative but also one which has tangible benefits for businesses.

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By offering resources on understanding and navigating this transition period, employers can greatly contribute towards greater gender equity in the workplace.

All while helping their employees reach their highest potentials despite any physical or mental roadblocks posed by the menopausal transition period.

To find out more about our training courses, take a look at the various options in the 'Coaching and Courses' section on this website, or get in touch to discuss how we can support your organisation in becoming menopause savvy!

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