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Helping Employers & Women Successfully
Navigate Menopause

Are you or your colleagues:

  • Suffering in silence with anxiety, brain fog or roller coaster emotions?​

  • Finding it difficult to concentrate on tasks or missing deadlines?​

  • Getting easily frustrated or angry?​

  • Finding it hard to focus or make decisions?

  • Struggling with disorientating and debilitating hot flushes and night sweats?


Women of a Certain Stage specialise in resolving the impacts of menopause symptoms by focusing on improving wellbeing and morale. 

This is done by workplace training, raising awareness in the media and specialist coaching and mentoring experiences.


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Coaching through the menopause

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2022 Group Programme

In order to solve a problem, first, you must understand it. Our peri to post-menopausal journey arrives without a handbook.

No one tells you exactly how you are changing. It can feel like running a software upgrade without enough memory, constantly looping, never really being able to figure out why your system is no longer working efficiently.

Learning what is actually happening to your body and why what you used to do to feel great and stay ahead of the game, is no longer giving you the results you want, is critical to successfully navigate your unique menopause journey.

That's why I'm inviting you to The Menopause Plan.

Over 28 days, I'll demystify the changes, introduce you to the tools and techniques that you will use to develop your personalised strategy and plan to reset to your all-new default setting.

 Enrolment now open for 07 January 2022


What EVERYBODY ought to know about menopause.

Join me from 06 - 08 December for a mini-series of lunchtime chats filled with the real facts on menopause.

✔ Mon: Learn what menopause really is!

✔ Tue: Find out how to help yourself & others going through it

✔ Wed: Discover top tips to manage menopause at work

It's at 11:30 AM on Monday and 12:30 PM [UK] Tuesday & Wednesday. R


Register by clicking the link in the comments.


EVERYONE Is welcome: partners, colleagues, family & friends - the more we learn about menopause, the more we can support ourselves and those around us.

Next date: 07 February 2022


Create Your Menopause at Work BLUEPRINT

There is a spike in women attempting to take their life aged 51.

1 in 4 women consider leaving work as they enter peri menopause, over 1m women have left in the UK alone.


If you are serious about your D&I, Wellbeing and women in leadership, you need to understand the impacts of menopause in the workplace. 

Book a Blueprint session to build your awareness and understanding of how to develop the statistics adn analyses of the impacts of menopause at work.

Discover the legal, business and demographics cases supporting workplace training.

Learn how to run Menopause Socials, develop Menopause Champions and deliver Line Management Training.

Dates available throughout the year for inhouse delivery and additional public dates will be released early Feb 22


As the Principal Coach and catalyst for change, I lead female executives to maintain peak performance throughout their menopause. I educate large employers on the menopause and implement systems to retain and ensure top female talent flourish.

My message and work with mindset and health, has woven throughout my career and spans celebrity circles to the executive suite. With my health and lifestyle businesses to date,


I have impacted 1000's of people across the globe through my TV and radio appearances, talks, courses and private sessions.

I feel passionately about making sure women are fully supported. I provide current information and tools and techniques to stay well and symptom-free.


'I'd love to help you too. If you'd like to find out more, let's chat. Choose a date and time that suits you and I look forward to chatting. Click below for access to my diary.



“Lauren is clearly expert and passionate about her subject and this was reflected in the positive feedback from attendees”