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What should I eat?

Navigating the journey through menopause can feel like a solo expedition through uncharted waters for many women. It's a phase that comes with its unique set of challenges and changes, particularly in how the body processes and needs nutrients. One thing you'll know I'm passionate about, is talking about ensuring we have all major food groups in our daily food intake. Today I wish to talk about protein.

Protein emerges not just as a dietary requirement but as a steadfast ally for women who are keen to maintain their zest for life, their strength, and their health.

Understanding the pivotal role of protein in a menopausal woman's diet begins with recognising the potential changes of metabolism during this period. As the body undergoes hormonal transformations, the importance of sustaining muscle mass, supporting bone density, and aiding in overall metabolic health is important. It's here that we consider the impact of protein, or, 'the building block of life'.

For active women journeying through perimenopause, menopause, and beyond, the magic number lies in the range of consuming 0.6 - 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight daily. It's a just a guideline though and many circumstances will impact this so don't get too hung up on it! Rather, start being more conscious of which food contain protein and be sure to include them in every meal and snack.

The easiest approach I found is to simply think about a palm-sized (your palm size!) serving of protein, per meal.

This journey of nutritional empowerment is one that champions variety and quality. Imagine selecting from a wide range of protein sources, from a lean pork tenderloin to the rustic charm of beans and legumes.

It's about finding joy in the diversity of options available, from animal-based delights to the vibrant world of plant-based choices. Each meal becomes an opportunity to nourish the body with proteins that are not just about sustenance but about indulging in the flavours and textures that make eating a pleasure.

Special considerations, however, accompany this advice like thoughtful companions.

Awareness of the fat content in certain protein sources and the unique needs of vegetarian or vegan diets adds layers of nuance to this nutritional journey (& I will cover this in another article). It acknowledges the individuality of each woman's dietary preferences and requirements, offering alternatives and suggestions that resonate with a wide array of lifestyles and ethical choices.

But beyond the guidelines and the dietary tips lies a deeper message.

It's about starting where you are, embracing incremental changes, and celebrating each step towards a healthier, more vibrant self. Whether it's choosing protein-rich meals or exploring the vast array of plant-based proteins, the journey through menopause is as much about nourishment as it is about self-discovery and growth.

The conversation around menopause and protein transcends dietary advice.

It becomes a narrative of empowerment, a dialogue that encourages women to listen to their bodies, to embrace the changes, and to find strength in the nourishment they choose. It's a reminder that through all the seasons of life, women can remain active, healthy, and strong, buoyed by the supportive embrace of proper nutrition.

As I share these insights, I invite a dialogue that extends beyond the mere exchange of information. I'd love to hear your story, your personal journey, tips that have made a difference, and questions that open up new avenues of understanding. It's through this engagement that we spread knowledge and foster a community of support and empowerment for women navigating the waves of menopause.

In the end, it's about more than just protein.

It's about the life-affirming act of caring for oneself, of making informed choices that reflect a commitment to wellbeing. It's a testament to the resilience and strength of women, a celebration of the journey, and an invitation to embrace the transformation with grace, knowledge, and a spirit of adventure.

Warm regards,


CEO & Founder

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