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Mel's journey to becoming a Menopause Coach

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Mel shares her story of adding Menopause Coaching to her toolkit to help her clients:

Mel talks about her journey to becoming a menopause coach

I had trained as a nutrition coach during lockdown, but knew I wanted to work with women going through menopause, & also gain additional coaching skills.

I started to look for menopause coaching courses & came across Lauren and WomenofaCertainStage.

After an initial chat, I felt that the coaching course she offered would fit well with my own skill set & I liked the idea of the course being live each week on zoom, with just a small number of fellow coachees.

I started in September 2022 and I loved the weekly interaction with the rest of the group. It was great to cover all the pillars of health around menopause, not just nutrition & I also really enjoyed all the talks from guest speakers.

The course encouraged me to increase my learning around the menopause and gave me confidence as the weeks progressed in my own coaching skills.

Working with two practice clients that weren’t family or friends really made me see how The Menopause Plan flows, connects & makes sense, and that small steps make such a huge difference.

Seeing the transformation over the 7 week period in both my clients gave me such a buzz.

It has made me excited to start working with more clients on a one to one basis and take them through The Menopause Plan & I also now feel confident in delivering talks or workshops that dig more deeply into nutrition in menopause too.

Lauren showing how becoming a menopause coach is a good combination with nutrition

Having coaching sessions from Lauren herself too has really helped me move forward in my own journey as a coach.

Whilst it felt a bit uncomfortable at times having to be coached rather than doing the coaching, I realise how hugely beneficial it has been, & Lauren was so supportive & encouraging when it came to helping me get out of my own way.

It has helped me feel confident and excited in my ability to support others.

As a result of this course, I have now started my own menopause coaching and nutrition business and have just launched my website where I am offering both a bespoke nutrition in menopause programme as well as The Menopause Plan by Women of a Certain Stage.

I have also loved the support and camaraderie amongst my peer group on the course and we have all learned so much from each other and helped each other in our own journeys. This would not have been possible if the size of the group had been too big.

I feel I have found a new passion and skill in my own midlife and I can’t wait to help and support other women going through perimenopause & menopause, as well as having a thirst for knowledge and to keep on learning around my subject.



Having personally had a nightmare going through my own menopause and not realising what it was at the time, I have devoted the past decade to helping employers become menopause savvy & supportive.

Now, by becoming a Menopause Coach, in addition to the modalities you already use, you can help others to successfully navigate their menopause too.

Find out more about the Become a Menopause Coach Diploma course, or book a call with me to discuss any questions you might have.

Your coach and trainer,


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