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Why coaches choose to learn about menopause coaching

As the global population ages, more and more women & some transgender, nonbinary and gender questioning people find themselves navigating the often turbulent waters of perimenopause and menopause.

Yet despite over 50 symptoms ranging from hot flashes to anxiety being common, stigma and lack of workplace accommodations still leave too many people tackling “the change” without desperately needed guidance or empathy.

That experience, or knowledge of people going through menopause without support, propelled the coaches below to take action and get certified as Menopause Coaches, with Women of a Certain Stage.

Read their 'why' and discover how a little understanding goes a long way when it comes to empowering midlife women:


Lea recalls the camaraderie of gym friends candidly sharing menopause remedies over coffee. She also recalls her own “horrendous” surgically-induced menopause lacking any substantive medical or emotional support. Her 25+ year career empowering others through learning and development programmes makes her well-suited to provide the personalised, compassionate assistance she once desperately sought.


When crippling perimenopause symptoms forced Jen to leave a demanding job in retail banking, it catalysed both further study and her launch as a coach. Having “fought for everything” with only minimal resources, she’s determined to spare other women unnecessary confusion and chaos on their menopause journey.


As John navigated his wife's menopause, he promised that if they “got through this incredibly difficult time” he would then dedicate himself to guiding other couples through it. With deeper emotional support coming from him and his wife's friends than from her doctor, he wants to be the qualified, empathetic support he and his wife once required and so desperately needed.


Laura discovered after years of hormonal upheaval that tapping into work wisdom from researcher Brene Brown provided more personal understanding than medical opinions ever had. Training to coach people through menopause combines her passion for empowering others to “live wholeheartedly” with addressing a glaring need.


The lack of menopause comprehension that Ria herself experienced, despite an existing workplace policy, revealed gaps persisting between good intentions and genuine staff support. Pursuing coaching will equip her to be an in-house expert ensuring no employee quietly suffers as she once did.


When Suzanne miscarried at 40, thoughtless doctors dubbed her a “geriatric mum”. Not until years after delivering her son and being confirmed postmenopausal did a course teach her that symptoms can start up to a decade earlier. Suzanne aims to spare others years of anxiety and anguish by coaching them through transitions early on and with support.


Annie surveyed women citing menopause as their reason for leaving good careers unfinished due to lacking workplace adjustments that coaching could have provided. She intends to fill that void, helping retain talent by making “the change” more navigable for employers and the women comprising them.

It's clear that the experience of waging their own menopause battle equips our Menopause Coach graduates, like these remarkable people, to then empower other individuals and companies to tackle hormonal transitions with knowledge and self-compassion.

While having gone through menopause yourself isn't a pre-requisite for the training, it certainly does seem to put a fire in the belly of many of our graduates!

If you found aspects of your own menopause journey lonely or overwhelming, consider training to ensure the next generation fares better.

Equally, you don't have to experience menopause yourself to become a great Menopause Coach. We have a huge range of people from all walks of life and all genders who successfully train with us and go on to become wonderful and admired coaches. For a few more compelling reasons to consider becoming a menopause coach, head here.

We all have power to normalise discussions and create inclusive environments where midlife women and some transgender, non-binary and gender questioning people who experience menopause, can thrive while being their authentic, fulfilled selves.

The time for silence and stigma has passed; the era for empowerment is here.

Join the passionate, purpose-driven coaches guiding workplaces and wellness in a compassionate new direction and head here to find out more about how you can train to become a certified Menopause Coach.

Your coach, trainer and speaker,


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