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From coach to menopause coach: how Sian gained the confidence to support even more people

I salute each and every coach out there - becoming a coach is no easy task, and each coach will have their own story behind their journey to helping other people. Many people begin their coaching career when something affects them personally and they become aware that helping others through a similar situation is a rewarding career.

Sian is no different; her menopause journey began at 37 and like many others (including myself!), she didn't realise she was going through menopause until her life and work had been significantly affected by her symptoms.

A lack of support and knowledge through her own journey, and the subject cropping up in her own work as a coach, led Sian to the idea that menopause coaching would help her support her clients better.

Sian is determined to help as many people as possible avoid what she went through, and so began to research menopause coaching courses to add something new to her coaching business. I'll let her explain more!

Sian's Become a Menopause Coach Story

"This incredible journey started several months ago when I first met Lauren Chiren.

I did a lot of research on menopause training courses but was drawn back to Lauren’s course not only for the breadth of the training, but the credibility she has in this field.

I had one conversation with Lauren and knew it was the right course for me ... and she was the right person to lead it.

My knowledge and confidence have grown every single week through the live delivery, supported by credible sources of additional information for more in-depth learning.

Lauren’s knowledge, enthusiasm, commitment, and support are excellent. She is our biggest cheerleader and answers any questions to help us make progress. Having access to her one-to-one is a huge bonus.

As trainees, we have also formed a community and support each other. We all have different backgrounds and skills which adds to the rich expertise and experience.

I’ll be sad not to see their faces every week but in addition to the course, Lauren has designed a package of ongoing support for us, so we will continue to develop our skills and champion each other!

The Become a Menopause Coach Diploma gives you:

✅ a solid understanding of menopause

✅ information on women’s health issues, like pelvic health & experts on different topics from nutrition to confidence

✅ coaching skills and practice

✅ a tried and tested coaching programme to deliver to your own clients or in your own organisation

✅ a community of fellow trainees so you learn and grow together

This isn’t a course that gives you loads of material and then leaves you to figure out what to do with it. I have taken practice clients through The Menopause Plan with Lauren’s support, so I am ready to coach my own clients.

Lauren menopause coach course

Lauren, I can’t thank you enough. Your advice and guidance have been invaluable. I feel empowered and prepared to help as many people as I can to navigate their menopause journey."


I share Sian's story in her own words, because I believe it is important to see who is training with me as a menopause coach, what helped them decide to become a menopause coach and what their journey through the programme is like. Let's face it, nothing beats hearing it direct!

Sian Carter, thank you for being an outstanding student, an amazing coach and someone who I look forward to watching help so many others avoid the pitfalls of menopause!

To read more about Sian's story, and to work with her on your own menopause journey, head to her website here.

For more information about the Become A Menopause Coach Diploma Course, details can be found here. You can also book a call with me to discuss if the course is right for you.

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