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Life begins at menopause.

Cast your mind back to all your achievements since you started your periods.

Impressive, right?

Can you imagine just how much more you’ll be able to achieve when you’re no longer dealing with the monthly menstrual rollercoaster?

The possibilities are almost endless.

Consider your creativity, drive, focus, energy, experience and sheer determination that you bring to life.

I often think about those female astronauts, like Dr. Mae Jemison, a GP turned astronaut became the first African American woman in Space in 1992. If she could do all this before her menopause, can you imagine what she’d be capable of afterwards?

The same goes for everyone, no matter what they do. I believe the freedom menopause brings is worthy of celebration.

And yet, for so many people menopause is precisely when work and life become more challenging than ever. A time when life’s juggling act can feel totally overwhelming.

Concentration, calm and composure often become elusive, and don’t get me started on sleep.

Unsupported at home.

Unsupported at work.

Not sure what is really happening or how to get help or support.

Over 86% of women going through menopause neither knowing what it is nor how it might be impacting them.

This is sadly a time in someone’s life when they are likely to start to question their capability to do their role. Often the answer seems to be taking a step back, or sideways, or indeed, leaving. Often preceded with lengthy time off sick.

Over the past eight years have supported employers to become menopause savvy and their teams to recognise and provide effective help and support with menopause.

It doesn’t take a huge effort to boost understanding of menopause across the board. To ensure everyone recognises that they will either be impacted directly by their own menopause, or indirectly – mother, sister, colleagues, partner for example.

It does, however, take a moment to pause and understand the business, legal and demographic reasons for becoming a menopause savvy employer. The past eight year have shown that the business benefits are broader than just financial and reputational.

Each business I work with has their own unique approach.

By using our framework, we ensure the process is culturally sensitive, effective and resonates with all colleagues, no matter their role, age or stage of life.

To complement in-house training, we hold an annual curriculum including

Get your copy with the latest information and availability by sending me a message on

The generation about to go through menopause, as well as those currently on the menopause transition have not learned about it from their families. It wasn't mentioned at school and often doctors are not trained adequately.

Consequently, it falls to employers to raise awareness and provide effective signposting on menopause if they are committed to the inclusion, wellbeing and gender equity strategies.

Whether your team is comprised of astronauts, or people with a slightly more down-to-earth role, supporting them through menopause is key to keeping the stars in your organisation.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,

Lauren C

CEO Women of a Certain Stage

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