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5 Benefits of Becoming a Menopause Coach for People, DE&I and Wellbeing leaders

As work demographics follow the aging populations, and women are working longer and later into life, we need to develop the workplace physically and culturally to accommodate our needs.

That means having inhouse expertise or hiring consultants and coaches to support you to become truly menstruation to menopause savvy and supportive.

Here are five reasons why having access to a trained menopause coach can benefit your business:

To confidently support colleagues going through menopause at work, being managed or managing those experiencing menopause, and perhaps living with someone going through menopause. There is a spike in death by suicide and suicide ideation at the same ages as menopause...

Being kowledgeable about menopause is great, and, you need to know how to support someone through menopause - there is no one size fits all.

A certified menopause coach can guide someone to create their own personalised menopause plan

It takes a village!

Seriously, we still have a lot to learn about menopause.

Research is lacking, women's health is relatively poorly understood and when we do start to look after ourselves - it is amazing how transformational this is to our menopause experience (& everyone around us benefits too!)

Having a global network means we can stay ontop of research across the world, learn in real time, the cultural differences and lean on each other for support.

Being in community is a powerful way to boost our self confidence and self esteem and boost our mental health. It also sets a perfect example for people we support going through menopause too!

When people think about menopause, they often think periods stopping, hot flushes and mood swings. The go to place of support is typically our doctors. Sadly, many of our doctors have not been trained in any depth on menopause.

The go to formulation, contraindications notwithstanding, has been hormone replacement therapy, (HRT), yet at the time of writing less than 25% of women are on a repeat prescription for this. New treatments are slowly coming to market.

There are lifestyle factors to consider as well as replacing declining hormones and not everyone wishes to or can take HRT. So it is fundamental to be part of a growing group of menopause experts in multiple fields, stay abreast of research and truly understand what are trusted sources of information.

Being professionally trained, having access to experts, practicing and developing your skills as a coach sets you up to both support individuals on the topic of menopause and, raise awareness in your organisation.

It sits along side your day job nicely and hones your leadership skills in listening and coaching too!

Bonus benefit: Know how to distinguish fact from fiction in a very noisy confusing space!

There is a lot of confusion as the 'menopause economy' begins to soar. As a certified Menopause Coach, you'll easily knwo which sources are trustworthy and why!

If you'd like to learn more about how to become a go to menopause support expert, whether as a coach, mentor or simply a champion or ally, checkout the Free Menopause The Basics course or drop me a line to and I'd love to help.

Warm regards,


CEO & Founder

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