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Life after Menopause: Discovering the Surprising Benefits and Joys!

No more periods

If you have had the family you desire, this surely has to be one of the biggest benefits of being post menopausal!

Periods can be a monthly nightmare. Heavy bleeding, painful cramps, and other symptoms can interfere with daily life, causing missed work or school days, canceled plans, and a general feeling of being unwell. Post-menopause, you no longer have to deal with these issues and can feel more in control of your body. You can wear what you want (!), do what you want, and feel more confident in your own skin.

Freedom from pregnancy worries

The freedom from pregnancy worries that comes with being post-menopausal can be life-changing for many. It can open up new opportunities for travel, career development, and personal growth.

For some, it can even improve relationships, as you no longer have to worry about birth control or the risk of an unplanned pregnancy. This newfound sense of freedom can also lead to a more fulfilling sex life, and you can explore new forms of intimacy and pleasure without the fear of pregnancy.

More time and energy

Post-menopause, you often find that you have more time and energy to pursue interests and passions.

This can be especially true for you if you've spent years caring for children, working full-time, or dealing with the physical and emotional toll of your menstrual cycles.

With no more periods to deal with, you can take up new hobbies, start a new exercise routine, or travel more often. This increased energy can also lead to improved mental health, as you may feel more productive, engaged, and fulfilled.

Improved health outcomes

After menopause, you may experience a range of health benefits. For example, the risk of oestrogen dependent cancers can decrease, as does the risk of developing uterine fibroids.

Typically, you may also experience a reduction in hot flashes, night sweats, and other menopausal symptoms, leading to a greater sense of comfort and well-being.

Wisdom and experience

My personal favourite & seriously underrated!

Post-menopause, we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to younger generations and our wider community. You may have experienced significant life changes, such as marriage, divorce, parenting, or career changes, and can now offer invaluable insights and advice on how to navigate these challenges.

You are a role model, demonstrating resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to personal growth and development. This wisdom and experience can be incredibly valuable, both to individuals and to society as a whole.

Let's rebrand post menopause life!

It's a time of life that offers huge benefits and opportunities. We can enjoy more freedom, have greater wisdom and experience.

By embracing this stage of life with positivity and enthusiasm, we can make the most of all that it has to offer.

Are you with me?

I'd love to hear your personal post menopausal benefits. Pop me an email to

I've spent the last nine years dedicated to normalising menopause in the workplace and ensuring people are educated and know both what they can do to help themselves, and, how to access the right support.

It's not always easy to get good, accurate and up to date help, and I realised very quickly, that this was a mission much bigger than me. So I now have a fab team of trainers, coaches and associates, and together we support employers to become menstruation to menopause savvy AND supportive - one is no good without the other! And, I now train Menopause Champions and Menopause Coaches.

So do click HERE to discover our upcoming FREE & paid courses and resources.

Any questions? Droip me a line at

Your speaker & trainer,


CEO & Founder, Women of a Certain Stage

Normalising menstruation to menopause one conversation at a time.

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