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Menopause journey with increased energy and happiness after just 13 weeks.

One student journey's through the Become a Menopause Coach diploma:

Celebrating Amanda Harcus

Amanda shares her personal experience with menopause, highlighting the challenges they faced and the progress they've made through a menopause coaching program.

She emphasises the importance of self-care, education, and empowerment during this stage of life, and encourage others to prioritise their well-being and seek support when needed.

Read or listen to hear Amanda's transformation:

"Good morning.

Happy Friday.

I'm out walking my two new dogs.

One thing that's changed since I started my menopause course, and this I guess, is my menopause diary.

So 13 weeks ago, when I started the (Become a Menopause Coach) programme, I was really in a quandary really unhappy.

So I thought I was going mad actually unable to cope, full of anxiety. I knew it was menopause. But, it's been going on for so long. And on session one, we set a goal and my goal was that on the seventh of June 2024, I'd wake up in the morning, and I would feel that I could get out of bed with more energy. I was fitter. I was healthier, and I was happier.

And oh my goodness.

13 weeks what a difference.

It's incredible the things I've learned and educated myself about and others because I talk about it to anybody. And just small changes, small things that have worked for me that are right for me, that will be different for other people have just given me me back and given me control.

And I've described the menopause coaching programme as putting my own mask on first so that I can then help others.

And it's almost like returning to my seat, but with a different view. And I really like that, because I'm getting back to all the things I accept and appreciate about myself that I've forgotten. And when I have a day where I didn't quite have so much energy. I'm much kinder to myself. So I've been on a two year journey when I really think about it.

Because I went all the way to India in 2023 to conquer my fear of living, which had happened and crept over me and I hadn't noticed.

And really I continue my development journey and I'm excited to see what happens next. So Lauren, thank you and happy Friday and I look forward to seeing you later."

This is 100% why I love training others to do what I do. It is so important that we change the narrative on menopause, ensure eveyone knows how to help themselves and advocate for the help and support that they need.

If you are curious about the course you can find out more here or book a call, to explore if this is a journey you'd like to explore.

Warm regards.


CEO & Course Director

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