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Why Celebrate World Menopause Day?

four women in bright clothing sitting outside, smiling at each other. Aim is to show that World Menopause Day is for everyone

World Menopause Day is just around the corner - 18th October to be specific - and I want to share a little about why I believe it is important to celebrate World Menopause day.

After all, many people will be asking why we need to celebrate menopause at all, and why we need a whole day for it, seeing as menopause is just a natural part of life.

Menopause is more than just a phase

The simple fact is that menopause is much more than just the physical symptoms that we go through resulting in the end of menstruation. Menopause is a powerful, all-encompassing stepping stone that is little understood by many people yet has a significant impact on all our lives.

This period of transition signals the end, for many people, of their fertility. There can be enormous joy about the end of this time but it can also create a whole series of physical and emotional challenges which take some getting used to.

The symptoms involved in menopause alone can be difficult to manage and lead to issues at work and at home.

Learning to recognise and handle these issues takes time and effort which means menopause can often feel a lonely place.

A purple text box with rounded edges containing the words Why Celebrate World Menopause Day written in white

Raising awareness of menopause, particularly through World Menopause Day is an important step in creating a more menopause friendly world.

Menopause, due it its impact in every aspect of our lives, is much more than just a list of symptoms and management. Menopause becomes part of our identity, part of how we see ourselves and how we want to be seen by others.

The traditional idea of menopause being the end of our ‘attractive phase’ is (thank goodness) no longer true, but for many, the experience of menopause can leave them feeling unwanted, undervalued and unloved.

World Menopause Day challenges that belief and celebrates everyone as they move on to the next stage.

Three images in a row to show the diversity of people and menopause. First images is a young trans man, second is two women smiling in an office and third is a woman in high viz jacket in a warehouse

The reason I celebrate World Menopause Day every year is because I am determined that menopause, and the issues we all face when it comes to dealing with menopause, should become a normal part of life.

Something that we talk about.

Something that employers are aware of and offer support when needed.

Something that we all understand and are ready and prepared for when it happens to us, or one of our family, friends or colleagues.

My own menopause led me to quit my job. It still leads many people to struggle at work and we are changing this day by day. World Menopause Day is breaking down those barriers and ensuring that everyone gets what they need.

This is why we celebrate World Menopause Day

By celebrating World Menopause Day (and celebrating menopause every day!) we are opening up the conversation, and opportunities to find out more about menopause, life and ourselves.

By starting these conversations - at work, at home, with your doctor - we can honour every single person who goes through menopause by supporting them and celebrating this important transition.

To find out how I, and my team of menopause experts, can help support your workplace during World Menopause Day or at any other time, book a call with me.

Our free Menopause The Basics Courses run online throughout the year and are the perfect way to introduce menopause in a simple and clear way. We also run Become a Menopause Champion Courses as well as our flagship Become a Menopause Coach Diploma Course - all designed to ensure everyone can understand menopause.

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