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Blog Post Catalogue

Updated: Sep 13

Photo shows five smiling women in front of a tree background, with the words: Women of a Certain Stage Blog Catalogue written in white writing on a purple background. In the top left corner is more writing saying: read more below with a white arrow pointing down to the blog

Here you'll find our back catalogue of blog posts:

26. Exercise outdoors and banish those menopause symptoms

25. Menopause and sleep; boost your bedtime routine to make a positive difference.

24. From coach to menopause coach: how Sian gained the confidence to support even more people

23. Six easy tips to ditch menopausal constipation

22. Radical Self-Care: Navigating Menopause with Grace and Confidence

21. Drink Up and Cool Down: The Role of Hydration in Managing Hot Flashes During Menopause

20. Life after Menopause: Discovering the Surprising Benefits and Joys!

19. Menopause and Mindset: The Key to a Healthier Transition

18. From Hot Flashes to Strong Bones: can your nutrition help ease your symptoms?

17. Navigating Menopause Together: 9 Essential Tips for Supporting Your Partner

16. Breaking a Sweat: Benefits of exercise for managing menopause

15. Navigating Menopause: Different Approaches and Strategies

14. From Hot Flashes to Mood Swings: How Many Menopause Symptoms Do You Know About?

13. Is Menopause Coaching for everyone?

12. Starting over again, again.

11. Working Towards Solutions: Positive Change with Menopause Support

10. Find your own unique way through the menopause maze

9. There's nothing left to be said about menopause, right?

8. Life begins at menopause.

7. Donna's journey through menopause.

6. Kryptonite to Superpower, Re-framing My Menopause Experience.

5. Mysterious, Many Faced Menopause – Why Solutions are Not One Size Fits All

4. Who Should Become a Menopause Coach

3. How I Navigated the Menopause Maze and Now Help Others to Step Fully into Their Personal Power

2. 13.5 Million Women in the UK are Desperate for Education & Support. Are You Seizing the Opportunity?

1. Making news: Why the HRT crisis is breaking the silence around the menopause

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